by Nessie

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This is the first EP release by Ottawa based Hard Rock band Nessie. Album recorded, mixed and mastered at Algonquin College studio.


released April 30, 2016



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Nessie Ottawa, Ontario

Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Nessie brings heavy riffs, cool progressions and catchy hooks that everyone can sing along to. Love meeting new people and networking with everyone! Contact us and let us know what you think!

Jack Kuzmyk (Vox)

Vincent Belanger(Guitars)

Sean Connor (Drums)

Myke Mcilroy (Guitars)
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Track Name: Spill My Guts
(Won't you spill me)
Splash before my feet
(I'm a mess before you)
Want you so damn badly
(Yes I want you)
Desire won't deplete

Everyday your striking face
Won't go away, I'm high again
Now I digress into my sense of loneliness

Fear and pride compounded
(So deep inside of me)
Formed my heart of steel
(Oh it's icy cold yeah)
I've lost track of counting
(I've lost track of the days)
The days are so surreal
Track Name: Fox Me
Oh foxy lady my my I gotta keep on trying
But you got me laying down here eternally crying
Well I was standing tall but this time I have fell
To the curves of a foxy lady let her take me to Hell

She's breaking it down, she's out on the town

Oh foxy lady my my, that body's looking tight
Oh foxy lady my my, let me treat it right
Oh foxy lady my my, I wanna take control
Oh foxy lady my my, let's rock and roll

She's breaking it down
Get out of this cycle that's making you frown

Fox me... Fox me... Fox me... Fox me...

She's breaking it down, she's out on the town
Track Name: Stalk The Night
Been searching far and wide
Hauling masts and turning tides
Just to catch a glimpse of Nessie's hide
Skies red and knuckles white
Eyes wide throughout the night
She'll be one hell of a site

Hey did you see that splash
Plunged down behind your back
I swear it just happened so fast
Hard left all men on board
Drip sweat from rowing oars
This is what we came here for!

Track Name: Abandoned Child (She's Beneath Me)
Death, it's her who he welcomes
To make him undone in this broken world
Free, to be nothing
What could sooth his soul?
Those needles ruined him

The child he was made a promise
Those oaths were cast away
He never knew rock bottom
He chose to learn the hard way

Hate feels so unhealthy
But it's what fuels him
To burn the bridges
You tried to lay before
Life must be so damn blue
Looks like some choices have lead him far astray
From who he thought he was

Abandoned Child, what is wrong?
Abandoned Child